Need a tool to AM3517 for testing and programming

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Need a tool to AM3517 for testing and programming
Hi all,
I am in Incircuit Test Development (not in the uC development field), so my uC knowledge is limited.
The purpose of this post is to ask for help on these topics:
1. I have a AM3517 that has DDR2 and eNAND flash connected.
2. I need to be able to program the eNAND flash and also perform simple walking 1s test on the DDR2 devices.
3. Being a agilent3070 tester user, I need the solution to be able to be integrated into the test script. A command line version of the solution would be needed.
Can SAURIS XDS100 do the above for me?
Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
2) You can do this only with use of SAU510 series emulators. You can do any debug tasks (code loading, run/stop, memory read/write, breakpoints, JTAG boundary scan, e.t.c.) with use of SAU510 emulator and TCL scripts (our TCLXDS extension for TCL). Example of scripts for SAU510/TCLXDS you can find in the installation directory of Sauris drivers - SAUFLASH utility. This open source utility does FLASH/EEPROM programming and is extensible for any TI's CPU and any memory IC. AM3517+eMMC isn't supported now (by SAUFLASH, by TCLXDS - fully supported), but here isn't any problems to add their IC's to SAUFLASH. Using TCLXDS You can initialize all needed parts of CPU (PLL, SDRAM controller, e.t.c.), and perform any tests, with ability of loading and executing of CPU code that communicates with script.
XDS100 emulators are not supported by TCLXDS/SAUFLASH at all.
3) Sorry, but we aren't familiar with agilent 3070 tester.
Hi Sergey,
Thanks for your reply.
Pardon me, I am a little confused.
Are you saying SAU510 basically can do the testing around am3517, including DDR2, using TCLXDS scripts,and also program the NAND flash with TCLXDS scripts, but SAUFLASH utility does not support programming of the NAND flash?
If above is true, then I think I can still use TCLXDS script on the agilent tester, since TCLXDS scripts are command line based, right?
TCLXDS is our extension for TCL language. Scripts which use TCLXDS library may be command line scripts, based on TCL, or windowed applications, based on TCL/Tk. TCLXDS can be used on x86 platform with Microsoft Windows (XP and later) or Linux operating systems. If agilent tester is based on compatible platform and provides ability to install our drivers, TCLXDS should work. We tested TCLXDS+SAUFLASH on PC only. TCLXDS can operate with any TI's CPU with any set of cores and any set of devices in JTAG chain.

SAUFLASH is a TCL script with use of TCLXDS. It can be modified to support of AM3517 with eNAND. We can help to perform this modification. It now supports some set of TI CPU's on some boards with some types of memory IC's. But it is scalable, to support new type of CPU, new board or new memory IC, you need write some initialization scripts and/or recompile some target-side CPU code.
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