SAU510 debugging a ARM-CPU with WinEC2013

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SAU510 debugging a ARM-CPU with WinEC2013, Is it possible? If yes how?
Hi Sauris-Team,
I have aproplemwith a ARM-CPU-target (TI-AM3359) where the normal KITL-Debugging from the WindowsCE platform builder is not enough and I search now for a possibility to debug this target with a JTAG-Debugger. What I have here is your SAU510-USB ISO PLUS V.2 JTAG Emulator which in theory supports my CPU. But my question is now, am I able to debug my Problem with your Debugger whena Windows Embedded Compact 2013 kernel is runnning on this board? If possible,can I then step through the orignal sources? Analysing a Problem while reading machine-code is not that easy. Can I set breakpoints?
Any info on this?
Carl Kruse
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