Problem with SAU510-USB iso Plus v. 2 Emulateur configuration on CCS v.6

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Problem with SAU510-USB iso Plus v. 2 Emulateur configuration on CCS v.6

I now have CCS3.x
With CCSetup, I can choose Sauris as my platform, but I can't find any generic for the TMS320F206
When I launch CCStudio, I don't manage to connect to the target.

What can I do ?
Use "Create Board" mode in CCSetup, not predefined configurations, choose Sauris emulator and then TMS320C2400 CPU ( driver)
Already tried it, and unfortunately I got this message :
error.rar (51.97 Kb) [ Download ]
Please test connection with "xdsprobe" utility (it can be found in the <CCS3.3_install_path>/cc/bin/ directory. Use -i option (check integrity) and -f <path_to_config> option. Config file is located in the "BrdDat" subdirectory and is named "ccbrdX.dat" where "X" is a digit.
JTAG IR and DR integrity tests have succeeded
It should be connected!
Maybe, TCK frequency is too high, attempt to change various link settings in the .dat file. You can edit ccbrd0.dat file directly before starting CCS w/o rerunning CCSetup.
I changed many parameters, but it still doesn't work smile:(
Is there a command with xdsprobe, I could use to load my program without starting CCS ?
No. There is no way to load program into F206 CPU w/o CCS now. Maybe, there is a way to do this using TCLXDS, if it can connect to F206. But without any guarantee. And this way means a lot of programming with TCL.

1) Please attempt to consult with TI engineers about TI CCS version that can connect to F206 target with generic XDS510 (not sauris) emulator. We can support any version of CC or CCS.

2) You can view error code from CCS? I need more information, maybe I can modify to resolve your problem.
Hmmm.... TI CCS doesn't provide ability to view error code. Please run the following TCLXDS script (attached, modify pod_emuversion as needed for your emulator: 1 - non-isolated, 2 - iso, 3-iso-v2, 4 - lite). Command is "%XDSTCLPATH%\tclsh85 tst_c24.tcl"
tst_c24.rar (674 b) [ Download ]
sorry but I got an error :/
"can't find package xds
while executing"

something I'm doing wrong ?
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