Problem with SAU510-USB iso Plus v. 2 Emulateur configuration on CCS v.6

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Problem with SAU510-USB iso Plus v. 2 Emulateur configuration on CCS v.6
This may be when TCL interpreter was run from other place than C:\Sauris\tcl\bin (TCL interpreter contained in many products)

Attempt to run "sauflash" w/o arguments. If OK, run directly "C:\Sauris\tcl\bin\tclsh85 tst_c24.tcl" If not OK, may be some installation problems in C:\Sauris present. Check "C:\Sauris\tcl\lib\tcl8.5\xds1.0" path and reinstall sauris drivers if this path not exist or empty. Check "SauFlash utility" option in the installation program.
At least I got a result smile:)
This is very good result!
You can connect with this emulator and driver to your target and can read/write CPU registers. It follows that you should also connect to your target with CCS3.3 using driver w/o any errors. Check setup of your target in CCS3.3 more precisely, with parameters as in this TCL script connection should be established!

Remember, when starting CCS configured with driver, targert and emulator must be connected to each other and to PC and powered up BEFORE you starting CCS. Also check that no external watchdog timer applies pulses to CPU's reset. CPU should be released from reset and properly and stable clocked.
My fault, I tried only once !
I turned off then turned on the DSP and I have another result
Here also connection w/o error codes was established. Only other values was read from CPU registers. Register values are not important in this test. Only successfull connection is important! Connection was successfull in both cases. Therefore, you should also successfully connect in the CCS 3.3 environment.
Right !! The connection is successful
Thank you !! I hope next steps on ccs will be ok smile;)
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