SAU510USB-ISO Iso Plusv2 and CCSv7

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SAU510USB-ISO Iso Plusv2 and CCSv7, SAU510USB-ISO Iso Plusv2 and CCSv7

We're trying to update to the CCSv7, but having trouble getting the SAU510 listed as a connection in a target configuration within CCS.

I've installed the latest drivers from the website and the installer says it has found our install of CCSv7 OK and refers to "c:\ti\ccsv7\ccs_base". Looking here: c:\ti\ccsv7\ccs_base\common\targetdb\connections I don't see the SAU510 xml files like I do in CCSv5.

Any thoughts?

Further to my last post, we're running windows 7 on a machine without previous versions of CCS.

After installing the driver and plugging the cable into the PC I see Windows is able to identify the debugger so I think this is a CCSv7 integration issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

It is not the CCSv7 issue, but the drivers installer issue. The CCSv7 works fine with SAU-510. If you have drivers installed in CCSv5 directories, just copy files from


to corresponding CCSv7 directories. The installer will be fixed to work correctly with CCSv7, as mentioned here
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