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Questions and Answers, SAU510, SAU100, emulators, FAQ
Hello. I have a Sauris SAU510-pci emulator. Then I have upgraded my system to Windows 7 I have had a trouble: an emulator does no recognize as a system device (old driver don't work properly). Where can I get a driver for 64-bit system?
Hello Pavel,
We do not produce PCI emulators.
If you are using SAU510 USB ISO PLUS emulator, please upd ate driver.
It is important to setup driver after installing CCS.
[SIZE=3]I have a Sauris-510 USB Iso Plus and CCS v.5.4. I try to install the latest driver (sau510usb_Install-v1.2.1.4), but he doesn't embedded in the existing CCS.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]Then i try to copy some files from CCS v.5.2:SAU510USBPlus_Connection.xml;SAU510USBIsoPlus_Connection.xml;sau510c28x.xml.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]But now I have a error:(Error -600 @ 0x0)A required dynamic library could not be located.The library isn't on the search path.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]What should I do?[/SIZE]
Just need to copy sm510usb.dll;jscsauris.dll too. smile;)
Here is driver package with CCS 5.4 support ->
I need a USB emulator that will work with code composer v2.21. I will run WinXP if necessary but would prefer to use Win7. (CCS 2.21 will run on win7 in XP compatibility mode but will not talk to our existing SAU510 usb emulator. It all works correctly under winXP)

Please can you CONFIRM whether the SAU510-USB ISO Plus or the v2 will work with ccs 2.21

Many thanks
All of the Sauris XDS510 series emulators are supported with CCS v2.x. Your existing SAU510 emulator also must work with CCS v2.x under Windows XP or Windows 7 in native (not compatibility) mode.

Please check that emulator works with "xdsprobe" utility from CCS distribution.

If it not works, please provide to us error information from CCS and/or xdsprobe.
Hi and thanks for your reply. I have run xdsprobe on our working XP system to prove that it works correctly. I did have to specify the brddat file sm510usb.cfg file though.

We then installed ccs 2.2 on a fresh Win7 32bit machine and then the latest drivers for the SAU510-usb. Both installed ok and ccs 2.2 does appear to run on 32bit Win7 without needing compatibility mode.

We then ran ccs setup and specified the standard xds510 driver and the additional brddat file sm510usb.cfg.

When we run ccs we get the following error (see picture)

We get the same error when we run xdsprobe:

---[An error has occurred and this utility has aborted]---------
This error is generated by TI's USCIF driver.
The error's value is: `-247'.
The error's title is: `SC_ERR_BRD_VAR_VALUE'.
The error's explanation is:
Failed to find the specified variable value in the board data.

Does this help you to understand what is not working?
Many thanks
Tim. (10.9 Kb) [ Download ]
Thanks for detailed publication of error description.

Please edit appropriate .cfg file (e.g. sm510usb.cfg), last line should be (for CCS 2.x only - for CCS 3.x this is valid syntax)
instead of

this is an issue of new drivers, this will be fixed in the next version of drivers.
Ok some progress here.

I edited the cfg file as suggested and the emulator works under Win7 32bit. (It did seem very slow but that may be down to USB efficiency on our VmWare virtual machine)

Your solution did fail to work on Win7 64bit (our first attempt to run under Win7).
The Sauris driver installs fine on 64bit and ccs 2.2 has to be run in XP compatibility mode. It fails with the following error (see picture).

Hopefully we can go ahead with Win7 32bit and will shortly be buying a couple of SAU510s.

Many thanks for your help
Tim. (32.11 Kb) [ Download ]
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