support for 64-bit only CCS versions (>9.3.x)

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support for 64-bit only CCS versions (>9.3.x)
I am working with the[URL=]TMS320F28335[/URL]DSP, and recently I moved to Win10 / CCS9 ( v9.3.0 ) - and, as this version of CCS does not support my XDS510 jtag probe, with this move I lost my debugging tool. Searching on the web I found your JTAG family... and saw that since some time your drivers support CCS v9.3.x ... The question I have whether your driver for the SAU100-USB ( which seems sufficient for my needs ) is supporting CCS v9.3.x as well, or it is only true for the SAU510 / SAU510 Light(?) ?Thanks and regards
For SAU100 emulators you shoul select TI's "XDS100 v.2" in the CCS target configuration and use TI's drivers.
SAU510 with latest our drivers ( ) supports Windows 10 and CCS 9.3 and above.
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