New patches for AM3517/05 SAU-Module released.


Support 4kB Page NAND-Devices problem investigated in detail.

AM3517 has support for 4K and 8K page NAND for IC's with capacity greater than 2GB with ID codes from table 24-34 of AM35x TRM. Support of that memories is very limited due to a BUG (not described in the errata sheet) in the ROM bootloader. ROM bootloader always reads 0x0C ECC bytes from OOB (ROM code position 0x4001792A; MOVS R1, 0x0C), instead of 0x18 bytes needed for 4K page or 0x30 bytes for 8K page. Thus, ROM bootloader can successfully load only first 2K of data from NAND. If your image contains more data, it can't be loaded because of false ECC errors. The only way to load x-loader from these NAND chips is to write small (<=2K bytes) "pre-loader", which will load x-loader.

All needed patches are released for using 4K-page nand with AM3517 (sau-load (x-load branch) with small pre-loader inside, and patches for u-boot and linux kernel for correct ECC support for this NAND). Full compatibility with 2K-page NAND with 8- and 16-bit buses are preserved.

New patches for AM3517/05 SAU-Modul

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