New beta version of drivers for emulators of XDS510 family (SAU510, SAU510 Plus, SAU510 Iso Plus) for Linux released.
This version adds support of the onboard emulator on "AM3517/AM3505 SAU-Module Development Kit"
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We announce beta testing of new versions of drivers for emulators of XDS510 family (SAU510, SAU510 Plus, SAU510 Iso Plus) for Linux and Windows OS.
For the first time in the history of XDS510 series JTAG emulators development we made separate of the Code Composer Studio IDE tool for Flash memory programming using JTAG interface for Texas Instruments DSP, ARM and MCU. These Flash tools supports not only families of DSP/MCU, supported by Code Composer Studio IDE for Linux, but also all of supported under Windows OS.
TCLXDS, which is a part of the utility, allows, except programming of Flash memory, to solve a wide range of tasks of debugging of software and hardware.
Also new families of processors are supported in the utility and TCLXDS and other improvements of driver components are made.
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Our JTAG emulators of the XDS100 and XDS510 series are included in the official list of supported emulators under Linux OS on a Texas Instruments web site.
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New patches for AM3517/05 SAU-Module released
Read more information and download new patches!
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New version of SAU510-USB (as well as Plus, Iso plus ) JTAG Emulators Linux drivers available.
New Linux drivers for SAU510-USB series JTAG Emulators released.
(SAU510-USB, SAU510-USB Plus, SAU510-USB Iso Plus, that is all of the XDS510 compatible JTAG emulators, manufactured by Sauris GmbH).
Drivers (version 0.0.6) contains the following changes:

  • TI Code Composer Studio v5.2 supported
  • Paths in XML files fixed
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