FLAK Classic Business Edition

FLAK Classic Business Edition

FLAK Classic Business Edition is a most convenient way for any kind of commercial online services projects to provide your users with an effective information security system. With FLAK Classic Business Edition you can bring to your customers a friendly and easy-to-use tool with high level protection for user’s data and functions, such as:

• keys, passwords and payment systems' data;
• authentication, set up and maintenance of secure connections;
• filtration and analysis of in and outbound traffic;
• blocking leaks and malicious software;
• application licenses’ control, DRM and certificates processing, etc.

Main features:

• Digital Identity Management
• Support of corporate VPN servers
• File encryption for multiple Flak users
• Free stream-based antivirus
• Web-filtering (social and entertainment sites blocking)
• BYOD (for Android devices with NFC support)
• Protection from internet threats like malware, viruses, identities theft, fishing, etc

DigiFlak Classic Business Edition specification (brochure)

DigiFlak User Guide

About company:

DigiFlak – a company of highly qualified professionals in telecommunications, digital signal processing, pay TV and IT and embedded security, joined with an idea bring ultra-protected, easy-to-use and the low-cost solution for the digital safety. The team offers the proven level of the industry expertise, acquired and fine-tuned by years of work.



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