Flak Secuters Classic

Flak Secuters Classic

FLAK Classic provide you with convenient, affordable and ultra-reliable solution through the use of dedicated security certified chip-sets, security OS, strong passwordless authentication technology, antivirus, VPN and licensee control technology. This security model can guarantee software developers, media content and data services’ providers, corporate customers and home users most effective protection against sensitive data threats with no impact on PC performance today.

Main features:

  • Digital Identity Management
  • Protection from internet threats like malware, viruses, identities theft,fishing, etc
  • Personal Hardware firewall
  • Secure Public Internet Access / VPN
  • Free stream-based antivirus
  • Parental Control
  • Signing into Google Services
  • Free updates
  • Android devices with NFC support
  • Free Flak Android SDK for application developer

DigiFlak Classic specification (brochure)

DigiFlak User Guide

About company:

DigiFlak –† a company of highly qualified professionals in telecommunications, digital signal processing, pay TV and IT and embedded security, joined with an idea bring ultra-protected, easy-to-use and the low-cost solution for the digital safety. The team offers the proven level of the industry expertise, acquired and fine-tuned by years of work.



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