SAU510-USB ISO PLUS v.2 JTAG Emulator

SAU510-USB ISO PLUS v.2 JTAG Emulator

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We are pleased to present an updated versionof our emulator - SAU510 USB ISO PLUS v.2

Main differences are highlighted in bold, and of course, it is worth noting that the speed isincreased by 1.5 times compared to the previous version ofSAU510-USB ISO PLUS.

  • Supports Texas Instrument’s Digital Signal Processors (C2000, C5000, C6000, DaVinciTM, OMAPTM, ARM CortexTM) and TMS470R1x 16/32-bit RISC Microcontrollers with JTAG interface (IEEE 1149.1) from Texas Instruments
  • Has controlled JTAG signal levels for interfaces with high PD voltage
  • Compatible with Texas Instruments XDS510 emulator
  • Provides voltage isolation 2500VRMS between PC and target device
  • Advanced emulation controller enables high performance
  • Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 (high speed/full speed)
  • Supports USB interface with host PC, requires no additional adapter card
  • Supports from +1.65 volt up to +5 volt JTAG interfaces
  • Three Status Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) show operational status
  • Power provided by host USB port or USB hub
  • Supports programming and configuring FPGA and CPLD through SVF player (SVF Specification Rev. E + Lattice Semiconductor enhancements)
  • Compatible with Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio IDE
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Window Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems
Price: 699 $

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