1.pngSauris GmbH was founded in 2002. From the very beginning the company spent a lot of efforts to design a set of reliable development tools with affordable prices to help engineers to speed up their designs based on very popular families of Digital Signal Processors (DSP) from Texas Instruments.

The success came in 2005 when Sauris GmbH got a status of official Third Party company from Texas Instruments.

From then a wide range of USB-based in-circuit emulators appeared providing customers with easy-to-use, cheap and reliable platforms fully compatible with latest versions of Code Composer Studio software from Texas Instruments and supporting all families of TI DSPs, OMAPs and ARM controllers.

As these devices became popular we signed a set of agreements with well known distributors of similar products around the world and we are open to enlarge the list of our partner. Investigation of latest market trends lead our engineers to clear understanding of some potential areas of applications wh ere there is a strong demand of new highly sophisticated devices which may be developed using our knowledge of Texas Instruments products. As a result we've launched wide range of SoM (System on Module) modules produced from 2011. This small but very powerful module's supported by a development board which provides customers with all needed tools to develop and debug their end applications. This kind of devices is intended for use in volume and need a strong technical support.

Our sales department based in Germany and to organize a hot-line support for our customers around the world. Our engineers continuously work on development of new devices which may be highly requested in different fields of applications. Close cooperation with leading producers of electronic components gives us a very good start-up in our development.

On our site you can place an order and ask questions to the technical support.