1. Warranty

Sauris GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Sauris) warrants that the goods conform to the specifications, drawings, and other descriptions published at http://sauris.de. Sauris GmbH warrants that at time of delivery Sauris has ownership rights to the goods free and clear of any and all liens and encumbrances.

These warranties are made by Sauris and can be amended only by a written document signed by an officer of Sauris. The terms of warranties will not be enlarged, diminished or affected by, and no obligation or liability arise or grow out of Sauris’ rendering of technical advice or service in connection with Buyer’s order of the goods furnished hereunder.

  1. Important Notice

Sauris reserves the right to make any changes to its products or to discontinue any product or service without notice. Sauris advises its customers that they should obtain the latest version of relevant information from Sauris’ employees or distributors’ representatives prior to placing orders. Sauris warrants the working capacity of its products as specified in each product’s description. Testing and other quality control techniques are carried out to the extent deemed necessary to support this warranty. Please be aware that the products described herein are not intended for use in life-support appliances, devices or systems. Sauris neither warrants nor is liable for the product described herein to be used in other manner than the development environment.

The warranty service options may be limited based on your country of origin or point of purchase and Sauris has the right to choose the warranty service in authorized distributors or third party providers. 

  1. Warranty Period

Sauris hereby sets the following warranty periods for its products: 

For UNREGISTERED products:

  1.    SAU510-USB ISO PLUS V.2 JTAG Emulator                                         12 months
  2.   SAU510-USB ISO PLUS JTAG Emulator                                                 12 months
  3.   SAU100-USB (v.2)                                                                                     3 months
  4.   Sitara ARM AM3517/05 SAU-Module                                                      3 months
  5.   Sitara ARM AM3517/05 SAU-Module NavigationEdition                       3 months
  6.   AM3517/05 SAU Module Development Kit                                             3 months

The warranty period shall commence on the date of shipment from an authorized distributor of Sauris (hereinafter referred to as Distributors).

Important! If you would like to prolong the warranty period register your product at Sauris’ web-site within 30 days from the date of purchase!

The product should be registered in the user personal account after logging in the system:


For registered products warranty periods are prolonged:

  1.    SAU510-USB ISO PLUS V.2 JTAG Emulator                                      24 months
  2.    SAU510-USB ISO PLUS JTAG Emulator                                             24 months
  3.    SAU100-USB (v.2)                                                                                 6 months
  4.    Sitara ARM AM3517/05 SAU-Module                                                  6 months
  5.    Sitara ARM AM3517/05 SAU-Module NavigationEdition                   6 months
  6.    AM3517/05 SAU Module Development Kit                                          6 months

  1. Warranty on Repaired Products

Sauris guarantees workmanship of new or refurbished parts in repaired or exchange products for thirty (30) days from the date of shipment from Distributor or for the remainder of the original warranty period, whichever is longer.

  1. Repair

You may request either the return of the same serial-numbered product or exchange for a refurbished product. If you do not require the return of the specific serial-numbered unit, Sauris reserves the right to repair your returned unit of to exchange it for an equivalent unit

  1. Normal Warranty Repair

Sauris shall repair products free of charge, provided:

  1. You notify Sauris of the problem within the applicable warranty period.
  2. The inspection of Sauris proves the problem(s) are not caused by accident, alteration, improper installation, improper testing, misuse, or unauthorized repair.
  3. Non-Warranty Repair

Non-Warranty repair is available on all current repairable products from Sauris. 

Sauris accepts products as repairable when the repair cost is not higher than the cost of replacement. If a product is not repairable, you will be notified about that, and it will be returned to you. If the product is returned to the customer, transportation and insurance charges are added to the customer invoice.

  1. Shipping Instructions

For any factory repair follow these steps: 

8.1. Make sure you have the entire following information ready before contacting the Distributor:

  1. Customer Name, contact name, and telephone number;
  2. Shipping address. Sauris ships by UPS or other express mail services and insures for the minimum amount, unless you specify otherwise.
  3. “Bill To” address if it differs from the shipping address
  4. Invoice number (if applicable)
  5. Proof of the date of purchase (required for warranty repair)
  6. Part, model and serial number
  7. Description of the symptoms (please be as specific as possible)
  8. Decision on whether you want the same serial-numbered unit returned to you.

8.2. Contact the Distributor you purchased the product from.

Sauris GmbH shall not be responsible for any product returned without prior authorization.

8.3. Pack the unit carefully and securely, preferably with the original packing material in the original shipping box.

8.4. Keep a copy of the waybill in case tracing of your shipment is necessary.