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Loading projects of MexBIOS Development Studio in TMS320F2833x by means of SAU510-USB JTAG

Software for specialized digital signal processors of С2000 line is developed in special debugging kits. To load the software into the microcontroller memory certain special tools should be used. One of such tools is JTAG emulator SAU510-USB ISO PLUS JTAG Emulator.



TCLXDS is an extension library of TCL scripting language. SAUFLASH is a Flash programming tool based on TCLXDS. Both products were developed by SAURIS GmbH . Today no one of competitive devices from other manufacturers of development tools for Texas Instruments has similar set of characteristics. The TCLXDS library allows you to access the debug and emulation functions of processors without the usage of Code Composer Studio environment. It also provides you with boundary scan features for any IC with JTAG-interface . The usage of TCLXDS gives to developers quite new opportunities – everyone can download code and data into microprocessor’s memory, set breakpoints, run and halt a program, read data from the processor’s memory and registers. All this is possible just by using simple scripts in TCL language. The developer can also perform boundary scan operations on any IC, included in the JTAG-chain, e.g. by performing standard JTAG operation EXTEST, which can change (set) levels of the outputs of IC, or read data from its inputs. The example of the usage of TCLXDS library is SAUFlash Utility - the universal standalone tool for programming of Flash memory for processors of Texas Instruments. This utility allows programming of either internal flash memory of C2000 or TMS470 series of microprocessors, or, unlike offers of other manufacturers of emulators, it allows programming of external memory IC’s, connected through different interfaces to processors, e.g. I2C, SPI or EMIF. Today the utility supports the following processor families (including any of their multiprocessor configurations):

   ARM7 (for example TMS470)    ARM9 (for example as part of OMAP)    TMS320C24xx    TMS320C28xx    TMS320C55xx    TMS320C64xx (with cores C64 è C64+) •   TMS320C67xx    TMS320C62xx    TMS320VC33

And the following types of memory IC’s:

   I2C EEPROM – 24C/LC/FCxx    SPI EEPROM – 25xxx    SPI Flash – 25Pxx and analogues    NOR Flash – 29Cxx with 8- and 16-bit interface •  Internal Flash for C28xx and TMS470

This list is continuously extended, e.g. at the moment ARM Cortex-A8 (AM3517 and so on) support is being planned. We are also ready to support the required family of processors out of turn on request of registered users of SAU-510 emulators.
SAUFlash is supplied with full source code of program modules for loading into target processors which provide programming of different types of memory and has flexible structure of TCL-scripts with simple configuration. This allows the developer to quickly and easily add support of his system to SAUFlash utility, including the extension for programming of new types of flash-memory.

SAUFlash utility and SAU-510 emulator are not only a useful aid to a developer, but also the best solution for the in-circuit programming using the JTAG interface during the production process. Meanwhile, unlike many other solutions (some manufacturers of emulators have a freeware solution for programming of the internal flash-memory of C2000 processors) for programming devices through JTAG interface, the use of SAUFlash utility doesn’t require the instalation of expensive IDE (Code Composer Studio) on the workplace. The use of TCLXDS is also acceptable during the production process - quick development of effective production test systems is possible on its base. The joint use of the debugging functions of microprocessors from Texas Instruments (e.g. loading, running and analyzing of result of a test-program) together with boundary scanning of other IC’s of the system allows one to simplify and to speed up the process of testing and in many cases to extend test coverage of production test system.

SAUFlash and TCLXDS utilities are both free software and are supplied together with drivers (as a part of it) for emulators of the Sauris GmbH.